Rapidsense offers you several services specifically built catered to your needs. We make sure you get the best services that are comprehensive and straightforward.

Rapidsense is an advanced IoT platform designed specifically to handle heavy-duty enterprise-grade IoT solutions. It supports wide-range of industrial sensors, various business purposes, and cloud scalability. Rapidsense helps you handle the engineering needs of IoT while you focus on your business.

Energy Meter

Energymeter enables you to remotely monitor power consumption, voltage, electrical current, efficiency, outage status, and other parameters from a comprehensive dashboard. Deploying the Energymeter will help you monitor real-time your overall consumption and enable you make solid business decisions towards greater operational efficiency.


Envirobox is supported by Provisense IoT Platform. It is quick, simple, customizable, and able to measure environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, light, noise, movements, and pollution (PM 1.0, PM 2.5, PM 10). It is equipped with an alarm and anomaly detection to help you predict environment abnormalities before problems arise.

Flood EWS

Flood Early Warning System  can be done in several methods, from measuring sticks, ultrasonic waves, to laser rays. Rapidsense is capable to handle different measurement methods and display them in a comprehensive dashboards. It also enables you to calculate the water debit volume and quality. This solution can help you to maintain water quality and anticipate flooding.


Inventrace solutions combine both RFID and QRCode-based tracking to assist your warehouse management. It helps you to achieve greater visibility into your inventory as it moves across supply-chains, thus it enables you to reach efficiency and productivity. RFID also allows you to conduct stock counting in much faster and covers much more items than the traditional ways of counting.

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We develop custom sensor from from architecting to deploying the whole solutions.

application development

We provide application development services that can be tailored to the needs of your company and device.


We ensure and assist your daily operations with our powerful IoT solutions.