General Questions

Provisense is enterprise-grade Industrial IoT platform.

We accommodate cloud deployment, on-premise deployment, and hybrid deployment.

Yes. Provisense provides end-to-end solution, either with our own custom hardware devices or third-party hardware devices that we support.

Yes. Provisense offers customization services.

We provide wide range of Industrial 4.0 solutions, such as

  1.  Provisense IoT
  2.  Provisense DC
  3.  Envirobox
  4.  Energymeter
  5.  Smartpole
  6.  Soil & Weather Station
  7.  Smart Factory
  8.  Mobil Smart Factory
  9.  Visual Inspection
  10.  Water Management
  11.  Asset Tracking
  12.  Sinapsis e-Health

Because developing your own industrial-grade IoT platform is expensive, time-consuming, and often difficult to get things right. By using Provisense, you can reap the benefit of IoT right-away while focusing on your business.

Of course. We also provide integration services and consumable API.

Drop an e-mail to reza@datacakra, tell us about your problem, and we will analyze whether we can come up with a solution.

Yes. We are open for partnership (as principal, vendor, implementor, or reseller) and we already run several cooperative initiatives with other companies.

Business Questions

Yes. Provisense works in annual subscription-basis.

Yes. In some specific case (where we can separate the device hubs) we can offer Provisense as a perpetual purchase. Maintenance and supports come in separate offers.

Technical Questions

  • Greenfield IoT : Provisense supports various sensors that capture temperature, humidity, rotation, vibration, and others.
  • Brownfield IoT : Provisense supports reading from existing machine data such as PLC and SCADA system.

Provisense supports GSM, LTE, WiFi, LoRa, OPC-UA, ModBus, and BLE (Blueetooth Low Energy).

Yes. Some of our devices are capable of edge computing.

Security in Provisense is conducted on the edge-level and platform-level, it is capable of handling authorization, authentication, encryption, key management, and certified code updates.

It depends on several factores, including how often do you want to send the data, the network condition in your area, and what data it tries to capture.

No. All of our products are enterprise-grade and industrial-grade.

Data Questions

Our cloud platform and data are stored in Elitery Tier III (Tier IV-ready) Data Center in Bogor, an industrial-scale data center which records zero downtime since 2007.

Yes. We offer such scenario for on-premise deployment since we care about our customers’ concerns and limitations.

Career Questions

We are looking for passionate individuals with ability to learn fast and obssession to details.

Yes. We hire permanent employees, contract employees, and interns.

We usually conduct online interview with small test, the interview consists of three rounds.

The engineering team will be stationed in Bogor. However, we have two other offices in Jakarta (South Jakarta) and Bandung.

Employees are entitled to competitive salary, allowances (tax, insurance, and child support), accommodations, and stock option program.

Yes. We offer free accommodation for permanent employees, subject to availability.